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Therese Jamaa
Vicepresident, Huawei Spain

25 Oct 2022
25 OCT - Auditorium AXA

Therese Jamaa
Vicepresident, Huawei Spain

The human side of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will undoubtedly profoundly transform our production processes, our social interactions and our lives in general. We have to see AI as a means of support to improve and evolve, but always focusing on people. Therefore, the ethical and responsible development of AI is key, without ever losing touch with our most human side and respecting our values


Therese Jamaa is a professional with extensive experience in the corporate, sales, business and CSR fields in the technology sector.

She is currently vice president of Huawei Spain ( She is responsible for promoting the company’s digitisation strategy and fostering global and local alliances to show the benefits of technology in society.

Previously, Therese was a general manager at GSMA for Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWC). An association that represents over 1,000 mobile operators and companies in the technology ecosystem, GSMA is known for organising the most important event in the mobile industry: MWC.

Prior to that, she was the director of business development for Qualcomm. She also provided her services to companies such as Vodafone and Sema Group Schlumberger after spending some time in the shipbuilding industry.

Therese is a person with a multicultural profile. Born in Lebanon, she speaks eight languages ​​and has lived in Spain for 21 years.


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